• Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bakeries & Bread shops
  • Cake shops and Patisseries
  • Pizza shops
  • Pubs taverns and bars
  • Mobile Food Truck

SOLUTION Highlights

  • Online Reservations
  • Online Take away Orders
  • Online Delivery Orders
  • Dine In Orders
  • Dine In Pre-Orders
  • Customer Reservation and Ordering
  • Merchant Order Management
  • Virtual Cashier
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things


  • Merchant Website Plug in
  • Web service integration
  • Merchant Chats and Video conference with Customer
  • Events Booking
  • Catering Services
  • Voice Recognition
  • More BI and Analytics Functionality
  • Multi language to support international tourist

User Roles & Privileges

System Admin Role

  • User and Security
  • System setup
  • Business setup
  • Reservation & Table setup
  • Online & Dine In Orders setup
  • Menu & Price List setup
  • Customer setup
  • Account setup
  • Delivery setup
  • Offers, Coupons and Loyalty setup

Manager Role

  • Ability to change roles
  • Waiter Privilege
  • Chef Privilege
  • Cashier Privilege
  • Ability to view and edit online transactions

Waiter Role

  • Perform Reservations
  • Allocate tables
  • Dine In Order taking
  • Edit Orders
  • Submit to Kitchen
  • Submit invoices
  • Accept Card Payments

Chef Role

  • Accept Order in Kitchen
  • Change Order line status
  • Update Order status

Customer Self Service

  • View and Select Menu Items
  • Add Item attributes
  • Combine Orders for multiple Tables
  • Submit multiple Orders / apply discounts
  • Confirm Order
  • View your order preparation status in kitchen
  • Check out as Guest or Registered user

Cashier Role Privileges

  • View and edit invoices
  • Apply discounts
  • Apply coupons & loyalty points
  • Add & Edit Service Items
  • Accept diff. payment methods
  • Open and Close Cash till

System Features

  • Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Data Stored in Australian data centres
  • Combined POS & Online Ordering System
  • SaaS - Subscription based Pay on Usage
  • Android and IOS APPs
  • Merchant and End user Apps
  • Integrated to Accounting systems
  • Easy integration to O365 products
  • Web based administration site
  • Embedded to Merchant websites
  • Concurrent User / Device Licenses
  • User with multiple roles
  • Multi Currency system
  • Multi language
  • Multi Company to fit different business lines
  • Azure IoT, AI and ML APIs, BI and Analytics
  • Google Maps & Location tracker
  • Notifications & More features with Mobile food trucks

"What you also get"

  • Table Reservations - Online booking with ability to confirm through automated notifications
  • Event bookings - Ability to provide special event pricing
  • Online Orders - Additional revenue through OrderPoint feature listing
  • Online Ordering feature embedded to Restaurant website seamlessly
  • Separate pricelist for Online orders
  • OrderPoint Blog promotions and featured articles
  • Pictures and Video coverage of restaurants
  • Track your Cash customers
  • View cash customer order history
  • Use AI and ML apis to serve your customers likes and dislikes
  • Understand your customer spend and classify your customers
  • Provide different prices for different customer classes
  • Maintain Offers, Coupons and Loyalty points
  • Manage virtual cash till and accept payments on table
  • Maintain unrestricted delivery area
  • Enjoy lowest fees for online orders
  • No fixed contracts and more..

Customer Wins

  • Developed for Android and IOS devices
  • Login using social media credentials
  • Order online takeaway, delivery food *$
  • Reserve your table and pre-order for dine-in *$
  • Dine-in and track your order, pay from mobile
  • Access to daily offers and discounts *$
  • Earn loyalty points & encash coupons *$
  • Access your Tax invoice from My Order History *$
  • Share your Food likes and dislikes to merchant*
  • Share your Dietary conditions to the merchant*
  • Check your Calorie consumption when ordering food*
  • Analyse your spend using AI and ML APIs *$
  • Use Maps & Location tracker to check for nearest Food Truck
  • Receive Alerts & Notifications on order confirmation, ready for delivery etc
  • Be treated special by merchants by showing your order history *$

Merchant Wins

  • Subscribe for the best of breed app and keep up to date on technology
  • Use a trendy APP to take orders and boost your brand *$
  • Show case your menu with high resolution images
  • Go for self service APP on every table and reduce your cost *$
  • Add new line of revenue using online orders linked to your website *$
  • Promote your website and brand
  • Subscribe to OrderPoint Blogs and be ranked in public domain
  • Showcase your Chef & kitchen through live stream using OrderPoint
  • Plan your table reservations through online booking
  • Accept pre-paid dine in orders and plan your kitchen cost *$
  • Get notifications on online orders and accept them in time
  • Display your business hours and additional services
  • Maintain multiple price list (Dine in, Online, Catering & Events etc) *$
  • Run your Food Truck business using OrderPoint APP and increase revenue *$
  • Accept upfront payments from self-service & customer mobile APP *$
  • Track your cash customers and serve them based on likes and dislikes
  • Retain customer by providing loyalty points, coupon and special price *$
  • Talk to OrderPoint to build your own mobile app and maintain as SaaS

*Requires your explicit Privacy consent

* $options to save dollars